Scour protection

Scour protection

Scour protection of foundation of offshore wind turbine (patented)

Where underwater structures are laid in fast flowing waters and cohesionless soils are forming the seabed, excessive scour can lead to serious structural or operational problems. Filter Unit offer a solution which is free from maintenance work.

A key feature is the high flexibility, as the structure allows to adapt to the seabed without further preparation or flattening. Because of its porous structure, Filter Units support the settlement of organisms and marine life like in an artificial reef. Filter Units adapt to the flow on the seabed and effectively protect against scour.

The single-lifting point enables a fast, accurate and safe installation; it also facilitates decommissioning after many years. Positioning can be done by ROV, diver or other position determining technologies.

Several Filter Units can be installed simultaneously using a jig. The size of the vessels from which installation is done can vary. Due to its PET fibers Filter Units are very long lasting. The tested tensile strength at a value of up to 79.5% after 50 years in salty water definitely highlights the high quality of the net itself.

Effect of Filter Units (example Monopile foundations):