Disaster Control - Emergency Works

Filter Units as emergency and temporary solution

Filter units have been used in Japan in civil protection for a long time. The Japan Natural Disaster Management Ministry for Land and Transport or MLIT, stockpiles a large number stone-filled Filter Units at local flood defense warehouses or along rivers. These are immediately ready for use in case of emergency.

Some years ago Filter Units became part of the flood protection scheme for Lancashire County Council in UK as well. Filter units are kept in stock, thus in case of emergency they can react quickly to adverse weather conditions.

Flooding along the Oder, Elbe, Rhine and Danube, but also along many small waters in Germany have shown that in Germany, the need a proper flood protection is getting into focus.

Filter Units can be used easily, quickly and safely. Filter Units can prevent erosion or flooding, as well as stabilizing areas where subsidence has occurred or a foot protection is necessary.

Filter Units characteristics:

Filter Units can be filled with stones or rocks (mesh size: 25 mm – the smaller the stones, the better) or - in combination with a geotextile inlay - with sand.

Filter Units filled with stones or rocks can be easily transported, stacked and stored. The filling of the nets with stones is accelerated and facilitated by the use of the filling frame. The frame can serve as a filling measure, so that a 2t net can also be filled with 1 ton.

Alternatively to filling the Rockbag with rocks or stones in case of emergency, you can use a geotextile inlay/geotextile bag which can be set into the production frame together with the net itself and then fill it with sand. The advantage: the removal of such "geobag" is much easier and the net itself may be used in a different application afterwards.