The manufacturer and the history behind

The manufacturer and the history behind

Founded in 1969, Kyowa Co. Ltd. is a leading company in the Japanese market for mesh sheets and safety net for industry and construction.

The success story behind this “simple idea” started during the construction of the Great Akashi Bridge in Japan in 1987:

Kyowa Co. Ltd.

The installation area is an area of strong tidal currents where the water velocity exceeds 3.1 m/s. When the caisson with 80 m in diameter and 70 m in height was installed, accelerated currents were generated around the caisson and scour began to advance. Although the peripheral area of the caisson was covered with rip rap, the sucking phenomenon of ground soil through gaps occurred.

That was the point when Kyowa came up with the idea to form a “filter” layer (filter unit) by bundling the stones into nets to prevent them from drifting apart - the birth of KYOWA FILTER UNITS.

Since then we have sold more than 700,000 units worldwide and since 2010 about 30,000 units in Europe.