Temporary Dam

Cofferdam, Auxiliary dam, Retaining wall

Filter Units can be used in combination with geotextile to build a temporary dam. They are highly maneuverable due to the single point lifting system which allows for a quick, easy and safe installation and in this case quick, easy and safe removal.  The big advantage: The filled Filter Units can be reutilized afterwards and do not need to be disposed (sustainable product).

As a recognized fast production product (about 6 minutes to produce a 2t net) with a single point lifting ring, the Filter Unit Rockbags     offer a very attractive and easy solution. Filter Units can be filled at site or outside the worksite,be stacked, stored and transported.

A Filter Unit Rockbag is produced by placing the net into the production frame and filling it with stone or rocks. The recommended granulometry of the filling material is 50-200 mm. The diameter of a 2t net is 1.9m with a height of 40 cm.

Examples of use: