Scour Protection

Erosion control – protection of hydraulic structures

Filter Units have a range of applications in preventing erosion or flooding, as well as stabilizing areas where subsidence has occurred. 

Filter Units can be arranged easily around hydraulic structures like bridge foundations.

They can be used as a temporary scour protection in case of a scour depth measurement for example. Stones are not washed away thus providing a long-term maintenance free solution.

As a recognized fast production product (about 6 minutes to produce a 2t net) with a single point lifting ring, the Rockbags offer a more efficient and cost-effective option compared to traditional solutions.

Filter Units can be filled at site or outside the worksite, be stacked, stored and transported.

A Filter Unit Rockbag is produced by placing the net into the production frame and filling it with stones or rocks.  The recommended granulometry of the filling material is 50-200 mm. The diameter of a 2t net is 1.9m and a height of 40 cm. By reducing the amount of filling material the height is adjustable. Filter Units are highly maneuverable due to the single point lifting system which allows for a quick, easy and safe installation or removal. Even after removal, Filter Units can be reutilized in a different application.

Examples of use: